Although I had laid off until now, I will come back to work from April 1.
Spring came, it got warm and the pain of the body has also been eased little by little.
I thank supported people.


I love baseball.

Japan won Cuba and won the victory in the finals of World Baseball Classic (WBC).
In Japan almost peoples are great delight in front of television.
Since I like sports too, I like soccer and baseball, basketball, tennis, volleyball, olympic games.
I'm glad if every team is good play.
Various subjects of this WBC were left behind.
However, comfortable impression remained in today's final.
Anew, I think that sports is very cool.
WBC of three years after is pleasure.

We don't forget Tokyo subway sarin gas incident.

March 20, 1995 11 years ago is a day of Tokyo subway sarin gas incident.
I was a healthy person then, and was working as System Engineer(SE) in the Tokyo metropolitan area.
I was flextime then, and since office hours was late, it was good in the incident not to encounter.
On the way from the day, I used the subway.
For the stinking thing reason of the medicine of the enclosure of a station, I want to have come to escape.
Now, there are people to whom the body became inconvenient from the aftereffect of Sarin.
We must not forget this incident.



The secondary primary of World Baseball Classic (WBC) was opened in the United States.
Baseball of today's Japan vs USA was disappointed at the judgment of a referee.
As for the clearly wrong judgment, I was disappointed.
It would be an interesting game if there was even no it.


become spring

My condition is becoming slightly good.
I went out to the garden today and I photoed the cherry blossams with digital camera.
The sun bath in a garden after a long interval was very dazzling in the sun.
The garden became spring.


Acute pain

My Condition is bad.
The root of a leg aches very much.
I'm sorry to have not been unable to comment.


Hero of the times

In Japan till the other day, there was the young head of a company of LIVEDOOR currently called hero of the times.
He was caught in violation of securities and exchange law last week.
Since It didn't have the actual condition of novel goods etc. and was raising the stock price only by popularity of the head of a company, I was uneasy.
Words of the head of a company gathered by attentions of public opinion.
"Money can buy people" "crazy like a fox take money", etc.
Anyhow, It's awful.
However, the following three things happened.
The division act of a stock price which is not considered, and the thing close to a crime were done, and it had profited in the legal last-minute range.
Although support of the ruling party was received and it appeared in the election, it was defeated in the narrow margin.
Various companies were purchased by the jump of the aggregate market value of a stock price.
Finally, Nippon-Keidanren (group of the major company supporting Japanese economy) was also joined by all the members support.
It was good that the individual investor got interested in investment by this.
Since it was a criminal act, it is arrested and the stock price is dropping suddenly.
Therefore, the people of which are having suffered damage?
Although this has reported that the ruling party is not related, it has had influence bad as a result.
I am hero of the times in IT industry, those who are called ,for example,
Steave Jobs : Apple company famous for iPod,
B.W. Kernighan : the C language and Tex and AWK,
Richard Stallman : GNU Project,
Perl Language : Larry Wall,
Yukihiro Matsumoto : Ruby Language


The problem of the biology of National Center Test for University Admissions was interesting this year.

The test question of National Center Test for University Admissions yesterday is published by the newspaper this morning.
Solving the test question of mathematics, physics, and a biology every year is looking forward to me.
The problem of the biology was interesting this year.
It was the question which investigates the process of the method of an elucidation of the mechanism of mating behavior of a German cockroach.
Possibly for the person dislike a cockroach, it might be unpleasant to read a problem.
I also don't like cockroach.
But, since the cockroach was a strong creature of the vitality, it was a problem interesting about the ability of reproduction.
As contents of the test question, it is wonderful.
The professor of the university which created this test question regarded me as very wonderful.
I thought that professor of the university which created this test question is very wonderful.

The problem of the biology of National Center Test for University Admissions.